• Blagden Arial

    Blagden Arial

    "The answers lay out there, not here where law and structure fail the human need."
  • Cid Oppenheimer

    Cid Oppenheimer

    "innovation will not only lead us to victory, but also to the future!"
  • Victoria Constantine

    Victoria Constantine

    Duty above all | “The city hierarchy is for the best of everyone. Everybody has their place. Mine is at the front of the battle.”
  • Zion Urian

    Zion Urian

    Hardworking and determined. | “Everybody has something to live for. I only have one. That’s more than enough.”
  • Zeyne Sharpe

    Zeyne Sharpe

    Good-hearted Gunslinger | "This war must be won! If only I knew how."